What to do in Halkidiki? Why not go Scuba diving…

Increasingly, people are coming to Halkidiki for diving. Some years ago, dive clubs in Sithonia were hard to come by but the last years has seen a dramatic increase in diving centres open up to cater to the booming tourists needs. There is a culture popping up around this sport. Dive clubs are offering whole packages with camping and dive bars to hang around after a rewarding day out at sea.

While the Halkidiki peninsula has many diving centres, the best diving can be found around the waters of the Sithonia peninsula. Places such as Turtle (Kelyfos) island will allow you to dive down to 45 meters and see a variety of sea life such as octopus, seahorses, coral and many others. Another popular destination is Kalamitsi on Sithonia’s southern tip. The waters off Sithonia are some of the clearest in the Mediterranean and make for a spectacular diving experience.

If you are an experienced diver or or just curious, the Sithonia diving centers can help you with everything you need. They offer diving courses and equipment rentals or if you have your own, they will be happy to have you just join along for the ride.

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