Ta Kymata – the pearl of Neos Marmaras

If you are in want of a special evening out in Sithonia’s largest town, Neos Marmaras we highly recommend you give Ta Kymata a try.

Ta Kymata is not the place to go for souvlaki or typical Greek food but specializes in fresh seafood. Toula – the owner and head chef has won awards for her mastery.

We decided to give it a go. Located on the Neos Marmaras harbour, you are seated along the waterfront where you run your toes through the soft sand. Candle light gives a romantic setting while you look over the harbour, the water reflects the dancing lights from fishing boats in the distance. Elsa, Toula’s daughter will welcome you as a friend and will remember you, if you return, like you are one of the family. She has recently leart to speak Russian just to accommodate their many Russian customers.

I ask Elsa to give us samples of what they do best. After a large greek salad to get us refreshed, out comes octupus, grilled stuffed calamari, steamed mussels and a plate of Melitzanosalata (grilled eggplant with a zesty taste of garlic)

Salad at Ta Kymata

Each plate is aesthetically decorated as Toula performs her artwork. Splashes of olive oil, fresh herbs and bright yellow wedges of lemon, play with your eyes to prepare you for the experience ahead.

Great steamed mussels!

The octupus is juicy and tender. I’ve only tried octupus a couple of times and and the experience left me wondering why would anybody eat this stuff… But I must admit Ta Kymata converted me, I will definately return to have it again. I have always been a calamari fan so after sampling the octupus, I knew that the grilled stuffed calamari would be a winner – which they were.

Our experience at Ta Kymata was definately a treat. The atmosphere, and reputation of this restaurant puts it in the top of Neos Marmaras restaurants. If you want to have one special evening in Neos Marmaras – definitely save it for Ta Kymata.

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