Sykia Halkidiki Travel Guide

Sykia, which means fig tree in Greek, is one the oldest existing villages in Halkidiki. Here is where you can get a feel for local traditions. It is no doubt Sithonia’s most underrated destination, but as it’s name suggests Sykia is a sweet fruit ripe for the picking!

Why go to Sykia?

The bay around Sykia is lined with many picture perfect coves, each one unique in its own way. With idyllic beaches, calm waters and traditional tavernas, this part of Sithonia is sure to soothe anybody’s frazzled nerves.

Sykia beach

Sykia can be called the camping capital of Sithonia. With no less than seven campsites, Sykia offers a variety to choose from such as larger camping villages located off the beach and many small private campsites.

Larger more organized campsites can be found on the massive main Sykia beach. Also just south of Sykia on the amazing Kriaritsi beach, large campgrounds allow you rent caravans right on the beach.

As you travel north of the main Sykia beach, you will come across beach after beach of small family run campsites each with a different feel and usually their own organized beach. Some of those by name are Griavas beach and Valti beach.

Because fewer people come to Sykia, it means that there are less people on the beaches! The large Blue Flag Sykia beach is a marvel with its soft sand and shallow calm waters. Heading north you reach the chain of small beaches that are organized by campsites and have a warm southern disposition. The most northern of the beaches, Agridia beach is a small sand box at the end of a long narrow bay – calm swimming and a trendy beach bar make this beach a local favorite.

South of Sykia beach starts the sequence of small picturesque beaches with the perfect “Greek” view – small fishing boats anchored in the bay against a backdrop of the soaring Mount Athos – truly spectacular! Each beach offers accommodation options, traditional tavernas and a Greek ambience that brings day-trippers from miles around.

The most popular tavernas in the area are on the beaches south of the Sykia beach. Linaraki, Pigadaki, Tourkolimnionas and Klimataria all offer restaurants and beach bars with remarkable views and great food. These tavernas will also allow you to stay for the day on their organized beach where you can order drinks and seafood from the restaurant and enjoy them right on the beach.

The main Sykia beach has a few restaurants and tavernas and there are more options where the locals eat in the traditional village of Sykia, about 3 km inland from the beach.

Tigania beach is not to be missed! Just north of Kriaritsi beach and hidden against the mountain, this is one of Halkidiki’s most exotic beach bars/tavernas. Try it once and you will be sure to come back!

Tigania beach

What to do in Sykia

Sykia is just a real laid back place to enjoy different beaches with different vibes, the great thing is that you don’t need to go far. Let’s see what else we can drum up…

Slow Sykia

The Sykia beach is the place to go where you can always find isolation, this is one of Sithonia’s largest. With only as many beach bars as a two-fingered man can count on one hand there isn’t much that will disturb your afternoon snooze. Kriaritsi beach just a few km south will add some waves and variety to your day. Spend an afternoon on Kriaritsi and enjoy one of Sithonia’s best beaches.

Klimataria beach, Sykia

If you want to add some food and music to your leisure, get out to the beaches south of Sykia beach where you can have a sun lounger and order drinks from the bar. Like we said, Sykia is about beaches!

Screamin’ Sykia

If you’re looking to pick up the pace a little, try exploring the ghost village by Kriaritsi beach with it’s miles of streets and sidewalks that are roamed only by local goats. Get on your bike and cycle through this maze that is soon to be turned into Sithonia’s newest residential community.

Road to Kriaritsi beach

For a bit of a hike, take a trip into town and hike on the ridge above the village. You can follow the goat paths that leads you around to circuit that rewards you with some panoramic views of the area.

If you are here in the autumn, drop into the Sykia Tsipouro distillery to sample their spirit. Tsipouro is the Greek version of Grappa with a punch.

Around Sykia

Sykia has good easy access to Sarti just about 5 km north. In Sarti you have great shopping in the evening and many restaurants to enjoy. Goa beach between Sykia and Sarti is one of Sithonia’s more famous beach bars.

South of Sykia a few kilometers and you will reach Kalamitsi, a small resort town with some great tavernas, water-sports and scuba-diving. Only a 15 minute drive from Sykia, around the southern Sithonia tip and you are already in Porto Koufo with it’s unique natural harbor and seafood restaurants.

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