Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) in Sithonia

SUP is one of the world’s fasting growing water sports and Halkidiki is the ideal location for SUP enthusiasts due to it’s calm waters and bays and some intermediate wave beaches where you can challenge yourself with SUP surfing!

What Is SUP

SUP stands for “Stand up Paddle Boarding”. The board is and oversized surfboard that is quite stable in the water and provides you with a movable platform from which you can explore and tour. SUP boards are made in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs and experience. It is a sport that can easily be mastered by anyone in minutes and is great fun! The modern inflatable SUP boards allow for rock-hard ridgidity and are almost impossible to perforate.

Why is Halkidiki the perfect SUP destination?

Halkidiki has many beaches located in sheltered bays where the water is amazingly calm. A SUP novice can traverse these waters with little effort.

Vourvourou is one such location. Karidi beach and the sheltered bay in between Diaporos island creates a tranquil aquamarine swimming pool where SUP boards almost effortlessly glide through the water. Explore the archipelago around Vourvourou and find your own secluded beach to have a rest and to take a dip. We guarantee you that if you SUP in Vourvourou you will be converted to the sport.

Other calm beaches in Sithonia that are ideal for SUP beginners are Trani Ammouda, Livari beach, Orange beach (Kavourtripes), Sykia beach, Kalamitsi beach, the bay of Porto Koufo, Lagomandra, Kalogria, Koviou and Nikiti beach.

If you’re in the mood for some wave action, try beaches such as Sarti beach, Kriaritsi beach and Toroni. The waves are not too big but enough to challenge your balance on the board.

Where can I get SUP boards?

Throughout Sithonia and Halkidiki there are water-sport shops in towns or on the beach that will rent you a SUP board for a reasonable fee. If you are looking to stand up paddle multiple times or daily while on your vacation, you may want to invest in a SUP board for yourself. In Halkidiki you won’t find shops selling SUPs but you can go to Thessaloniki, Surfcenter Katsareas has the largest selection in Northern Greece and reasonable prices.

Stand Up Paddling

If you’re going to buy a SUP board, be sure to understand your goals. There are plenty of SUP boards on the market. The most common are…

All around SUPS

Perfect for first timers. Stable in the water and can handle choppy water. Some can carry 2 persons or your dog!

Surfing SUPS

More for the intermediate to advanced paddler. Not as stable on water but easier to maneuver the waves. Much like a surfboard with a paddle.


For going the distance. Slices through flat water with good glide. Beginners will enjoy these boards. You can carry packs and you’re set for a weekend of fun.

Racing SUPS

Designed for competition. The shape allows for fast moving through the water but less stability.

Fishing SUPS

Believe it or not but you can fish on your SUP. Why cast from the shore or get a boat when you can have your own fishing platform just offshore.


Yoga enthusiasts will love this angle. Add to your workout that extra challenge of balance. Build core muscle as you do stretch and balance at the same time. Can you picture early morning yoga sessions in calm waters with just you and nature at it’s best.

Make your vacation a memorable one. Keep active and enjoy Greece’s best SUP playground – Halkidiki!

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