Sithonia’s top 5 isolated beaches

Well, it’s 2016 and we are getting ready for a busy year in Halkidiki. Many are already booking their apartments, hotels and villas so they are guaranteed to enjoy their favourite beach getaway in Sithonia. Since accommodation often depends on which beach or beaches you would like to visit, our list of “Sithonia’s best 10 beaches” has been helpful to many over the last few years to decide where they would like to enjoy their Halkidiki vacation.

To try to narrow down from 100 beaches in Sithonia to just the “10 best” is not an easy thing. Everybody has different tastes and different needs. What one person would choose as his top 10 will be different to others, so we have decided to address some of these needs and narrow down Sithonia’s best beaches by categories that matter to you. The first one we would like to start with is Sithonia’s best or top 5 ‘isolated beaches’ since this is what many are looking for. Most are difficult to get to, hence fewer people. Others are just not well known. We invite you to give them a try and please send us your ratings and reviews, this helps us to evaluate future articles.

So lets get started with Sithonia’s top 5 isolated beaches…

Lemos beach

1. Lemos beach

This beach is on the very southern tip of Sithonia. It is a two sided hourglass shaped sand beach that connects the end point of the Sithonia peninsula (Getting here is not easy, check our Lemos page for the details). If you have a mountain bike or dirt bike it will make the journey much easier.

Lemos beach is usually empty just because of the difficulty involved to reach it. If you dare to hike it or bike it, be sure to bring with you plenty of water. An umbrella will also be valued since there is no escape from the heat of the sun. I personally also regretted not bringing a small cooler with cold beer. Lemos will definitely give you the seclusion you are looking for.

Where to book accommodation that is in close proximity to this beach?
The best options would be Porto Koufo or Toroni.

Beaches on Diaporos' islands

2. Diaporos island beaches

Diaporos is the island off Vourvourou. Until recently you could only visit these islands in the day by renting a boat to explore this amazing paradise. There are several beaches of different sizes and the water on the blue lagoon side is something not to be missed. During the day, people travel to these beaches by boat, but the opportunity that presents itself now are the few luxury villas on Diaporos opening in 2016. Staying at one of these villas will give you an opportunity that didn’t exist until now, when the day-trippers go home you can have these beaches all to yourself.

Where to book hotels or apartments that are close by?
The villas on Diaporos are the best option, or accommodation in Vourvourou.

Porto Carras hidden beaches

3. Porto Carras Hidden beaches

Not just one beach but a chain of beaches following the long coastline that belongs to the Porto Carras Resort. Access is available only when you are a guest of the hotel. The coast is lined with small perfect sandy beaches and usually not a soul on any of them. It seems like people would rather be golfing on the golf course or remain on the two main ‘Blue Flag’ beaches of Porto Carras, (Kohi beach and Porto Carras main beach) so few have the pleasure of discovering these hidden beauties.

Where to stay to explore these beaches?
It looks like you don’t have much of an option other than the Porto Carras Resort.

Schinia beach

4. Schinia beach

This beach is north of Ormos Panagias and exists at the end of a lonely road. The beach is not a star beach in Sithonia, it’s not big and has a sand/pebble mix. The attraction with Schinia is there are only a few small family run apartment complexes along the beach and nobody else has a reason to come here. The people are few and the amazingly clear water is a pleasure for swimming.

Schinia does it’s job, it keeps away the masses and is loved by those who have given it the time to be discovered. Those who come here often return year after year.

Where to book apartments for Schinia beach?
The closest are those on Schinia beach or Ormos Panagias.

Aretes beach

5. Aretes beach

Aretes is north of Toroni on Sithonia’s western coast. It is a soft sand beach with spectacular water for swimming and for water sports. To get here you need to travel a steep dirt road to the end where there is one lonely hotel and a taverna. Despite the hotel, this beach is a quiet place that tourists come to escape the hectic pace of life. You may not have the beach to yourself, but there is plenty of room to distance yourself.

Where is the best to book a hotel or apartment?
On the beach or some kilometres away in Toroni.

Our conclusion…

So there you have it! These Sithonia top 5 isolated beaches are a mix for those who want extreme isolation and for those who want the possibility to relax on a quiet beach, but not have your bed too far away so you can still catch that afternoon nap. Let us know your thoughts! We wish you a happy and secluded summer in Sithonia.

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