Sithonia, Halkidiki – Greece’s Secret Campground

What could be a greater camping experience than putting up a tent on the soft golden sands of a Greek beach?

Soon the snow will be melting, the days are getting longer and the temperatures will start to rise. Once the leaves start to make their appearance, our attention turns to nature and the great outdoors.

Camping is one of the most beloved pastimes of Europe. As backpackers head to Europe, a low budget forces them to find the most affordable way to live and of course nothing is more affordable than pitching a tent and rolling out your sleeping bag.

Come May, the mountains in Europe are still cool for camping, so many head south to the Mediterranean. What could be a greater camping experience than putting up a tent on the soft golden sands of a Greek beach? Even in April, the temperatures can already rise to the high 20’s in Halkidiki (even warmer in the south). These are perfect temperatures for camping because the evenings are still cool enough to enjoy gathering around the campfire pit and singing your favorite camp songs to the strum of a guitar.

Sithonia offers the ideal camping experience. It is not very developed, so nature is the focus of this peninsula. Several mountains form the backbone of Halkidiki’s middle prong making it perfect for hiking, walking and cycling.  Because the weather has not yet peaked 30 C in the spring, it is ideal for having an active vacation and there is no other place in Halkidiki that is more suited to activities than Sithonia.

After spending the better part of a day working up a sweat by hiking through the peaks and valleys covered with pine forests and olive groves, head down to the beach and cool off in the refreshing clear waters of the Aegean.  In May the water will still be cool (average of 18 C) but it is no cooler than a northern lake in summertime.

The peninsula of Sithonia alone has about 50 different campsites for either tents or caravans and can vary from luxury to rustic. The usual cost to stay at the authorized sites would be about 10 euros per person per day. Still many decide to forego the camping grounds and find their own secluded beach to pitch a tent. Even though this is frequently done, you risk being slapped with a 150-euro fine if caught.

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