View of Mt Athos from Sarti beach

Sarti Halkidiki Travel Guide

Sarti will win your heart. The little village that united to create a successful tourist destination with a lot of character. On a clear day the view from the Sarti beach is nothing less than spectacular.

Why go to Sarti?

Let us narrow it down to the clinchers for why you should stay in Sarti…

Sarti got its start in tourism by being a destination that offers budget accommodation. To this day, when it comes to renting an apartment, Sarti is still one of the cheapest towns in Sithonia, but be aware that each year demand increases and so do the prices.

Many of the small family run hotels are renovating and new apartments and even luxury villas are being built. Since they offer more they also charge more. So the future of Sarti is still to be seen, will it remain the budget holiday destination that it was? For now, yes.
The Sarti ‘Blue Flag’ beach is a wide strip of white sand that stretches for 3 kilometres. This is the greatest treasure that Sarti has going for it. The water is shallow making it ideal for children, but still deep enough for swimming and watersports. The size of the beach ensures that it never fills up and if it does, you can always walk a little further to find your own turf.

But it is the view that really inspires! Sure, you can see Mt. Athos from almost any beach on Sithonia’s western coast, but the view from Sarti is absolutely dazzling. While you can sit on any beach and see the sea, in Sarti you are front and center to the 2000 meter high cloud capped mountain that dominates the horizon.
Sarti is not just a resort town, it’s a village where people live year round. Because of this Sarti is one of the largest centers in Southern Sithonia and offers everything needed. So Sarti is a good place to use as a base to explore the surroundings.

Sarti is equipped with some larger supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies and ATMs. The shopping quarter in the center of town is quite sizable with shops selling everything from clothing to olive oil. Restaurants are also abundant along the beachfront promenade. If Sarti doesn’t have it, you probably don’t need it.

Sarti beach with view of Athos

What to do in Sarti

Sarti has something for everyone depending on your needs and wants. If its a relaxing rest you need or an active holiday you can find it in Sarti. Let us give some tips about what you can do in Sarti.

Sleepy Sarti

The splendid Sarti beach takes the limelight with lots of room to throw down a towel and have a quiet sleep, the only disruption being the occasional desire to cool off with a refreshing dip in the clear Aegean waters. If you need to prop up your head to absorb the view, then take advantage of one of the many organized beach bars and their comfy sunbeds. With a margarita in hand and some soothing background music, you are guaranteed to sleep like a baby!

Moonlight over Sarti beach

In the evening as the beach empties of tourists – do what the locals do, head to the beach! The winds having calmed and the water gently lapping on the soft sand, as the sun sets Mt. Athos becomes illuminated in shades of orange and fiery red and puts on a vivid display of color. Along with a glass of wine and some cheese this really could be the daily highlight to your laid-back vacation.

Spirited Sarti

Not everybody come to Sithonia to relax and sleep. Some look to the active vacation to energize them before returning home to their boring office routine. Sarti can also pump up those who are looking for action.

Watersports in Sarti

The Sarti beach is one of the few beaches in Sithonia that will surprise you with its waves. OK, it’s not quite a California surf, but it is guaranteed to give you hours of enjoyment as you ride the crest with your bodyboard. It doesn’t end here. Sarti offers a wide assortment of water sports such as scuba diving, windsurfing, kiteboarding, snorkeling and others. If you are looking for excitement you can find it in Sarti.

Fun in the waves on Sarti beach

Sarti after sundown

As the sun goes down, the streets of Sarti come to life. The promenade swells with couples taking a romantic stroll along the beach. The bars are a favorite gathering point where the evening gets started with a drink or two before moving on to one of the many seaside restaurants and tavernas.

The shopping quarter lights up and fills up as hundreds of tourists search for their souvenirs and trinkets to bring home – maybe a new swimsuit or some traditional Greek products like olive oil and oregano. Here you can find it all. Others are booking their daytrips for the next day to Mt. Athos, Meteora or the Blue Lagoon in Vourvourou. Still others relax in the town square with a coffee and desert. The locals have done a top job turning Sarti’s center into what is perhaps one of Sithonia’s most bustling towns.

Around Sarti

In the vicinity of Sarti are several worthy beaches that can be reached by car or bus. On the south end of Sarti beach is a small beach called Platanias. It is quieter than Sarti and its neighbor beach to the south attracts some nudists. Goa beach has a real trendy beach bar. Going north, Orange beach (Kavourotripes) is one of Halkidiki’s most sought after beaches. Just north of Orange is Armenistis, a ‘Blue Flag’ beach organized by a campsite.

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