Rent a boat in Sithonia

With the summer season of 2013 already well underway in Halkidiki, we would like to bring to your attention some of the things that can be done while on vacation in this hidden Greek paradise.

Rent a Boat

Yes, even if you don’t have a licence for piloting a boat, you can still rent a boat and enjoy some of the out of the way beaches and islands in Sithonia. In Vourvourou, with the island Diaporos, small boat rentals are abundant and you can get away for a day to picnic and swim and avoid the crowds, especially in the summer months. Neos Marmaras also has rentals where you can explore the hidden beaches of Porto Carras (Greek beaches could soon be privatized).

Be Brad Pitt for a Day – Charter a Yacht!

Last year the local news agencies got excited when Brad Pitt and Angela Jolie chartered a luxury yacht and joined their friends Robert De Niro and John Travolta in Halkidiki. The monster yachts cruised to the Kassandra peninsula where they took a break and had a meal in a local taverna.

Yacht rental, SithoniaYou don’t have to be rich to play Hollywood. The industry for luxury yachting is booming and growing in Sithonia. For just a few thousand euros a day, you can do the same. Bring some friends, enjoy a champagne breakfast on the Aegean as you command your own yacht. Tell the captain where you wish to go, what beach to stop at or take a swim from the boat in the middle of the sea. You can even dock in a marina and have people look at you and wonder, what movie did you star in. Yes, Greece is in your hand!

Sailing in Halkidiki

A cheaper option can be to rent a sail boat. With the price of fuel driving the costs for yacht rentals, sailboats can be the eco way to go and easier on your pocket book. And who could argue that this isn’t the more romantic way to travel. From the Porto Carras marina and other marinas such as Neos Marmaras there are options to charter a sailboat for a day or more. You can even take a sailing course and learn to be your own captain, not just for a day, but for life!

If you are in Halkidiki this summer, take advantage of what makes Halkidiki so beautiful – the water. Get out on a boat and make your visit to this part of Greece the adventure of a lifetime.

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