Quiet Beaches – or Party Beaches?

In the last month we have getting good feedback from tourists going to Sithonia for vacation but also some negative. This is valuable for us and others who want to enjoy this paradise for what it offers – the beautiful nature.

One person wrote to us recently with the following comments…

We just come back from our two-weeks holidays in Sithonia. We liked the beauty and the friendly people, but also were very disappointed as we found it very difficult to find quiet beaches. Almost on every beach the pubs, tavernas and clubs have two or more big loudspeakers, focused at the people on the sunbeds on the beach. Very often you continuously hear a loud techno beat or other loud music instead of the sound of the sea. You sometimes even hear heavy beats from different clubs at the same time…
Disappointing, as we came for the beach and the sound of the sea. In Toroni I asked one club owner to put the music lower; he only answered ‘no, this is MY music!’

Unfortunately this does happen. We have noticed this year that some beaches, while in the past they had one beach bar, suddenly they have three! It seems like with the desperation of the crisis, local business owners are looking for ways to make more money, not realizing that such methods can chase away tourists.  Since the neighbouring peninsula, Kassandra gets more tourists as it is known as a party destination, many businesses in Sithonia are looking to compete and to attract a younger crowd. So they are starting to put up more beach bars to attract not just nature lovers, but partygoers.

We would like to point out that such experiences are found mainly on beaches that have easy access such as the town beaches. If you have transportation, you can drive a few kilometres and find a beach that is less crowded. In July and August it may be difficult to find a completely isolated beach, but it is possible. As we continuously point out on our website, the out of season months such as June and September are better months for solitude on Sithonia beaches. The weather is still good, the water warm (especially in September) but the crowds disappear.

After replying to this disappointed tourist we received the following answer…

As you suggest we did find some more remote beaches. However, we also wanted a sunbed and an umbrella (certainly during the heat wave we had one week ago). In order or preference we liked the following beaches:
1. Ormos Panagia. We had a lovely and quiet place in front of a 4-stars hotel at the beach. Without music, very friendly people!!
2. Tristinika beach. Also very quiet, without speakers!

We want to thank those who write us with such information as it is useful for the local business owners to understand how they can better help to service their future customers.

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