Porto Koufo – Seafood at its best!

For a special experience, it is worth the drive to Porto Koufo to enjoy an evening and a seafood dinner in the beautiful Porto Koufo Harbor.

Socrates and his family have been in the restaurant business for 60 years and are sure to have you going home with a smile on you face!

Nobody prepares seafood quite like the Greeks, and Porto Koufo is definitely the best place to come since it is a fishing village where you are guaranteed to have the freshest of ingredients on your plate. So we had to have a go at it…

Calamari is one of the cheapest seafoods you can find in Greece but difficult to prepare without you feeling that you are eating overcooked rubber bands. So we try the Fresh Fried Kalamari, small squids prepared whole to ensure you are not getting rings out of the freezer section for your local supermarket. These little squids are definitely worth recommending with a glass of local white wine.

Along with the Kalamari we were treated to some very tasty local specialties. Kritama and Beetroot tzadziki. Kritama is an edible plant that grows wild on the rocks along the coast. It has a citrus zest and a slight hint of celery. Try it as a side dish to let you experience some of the local traditional foods. The next dish, beetroot tzadziki, reminded me of a glazed cupcake with an olive on top! This Tzitzikas family recipe was passed down through the generations. As a twist to traditional tzadziki, beetroot is blended in to give it the bright neon pink color and goes well as a dip for fresh bread or pita.
Don’t miss this sleepy little fishing village of Port Koufo when in Sithonia, Halkidiki.

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Tzitzikas calamari

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