Nikiti Halkidiki Travel Guide

Nikiti has become the Niki Lauda in the race for success. It is one of Halkidiki’s fastest growing luxury towns determined to win the tourism Grand Prix.

Why go to Nikiti?

Yes, why go to Nikiti when you should be racing to get there? Let us tell you why Nikiti takes the trophy…

Recently Nikiti has gone through a make over. Its long sandy beach has gotten some attention with a trendy new promenade. The lengthy promenade is now the focus of activities in Nikiti, as it’s lined with endless restaurants, cafes and small luxury apartments.

Most restaurants and beach bars have a beachfront patio on the promenade where you can enjoy meals and drinks and all with a spectacular view of the brilliant aquamarine water. Towards the marina at the northern end of the promenade you can find more seafood restaraunts and pizzerias.

Sofronios Basilica
One of the few remaining archelogical sites in Sithonia is in a quiet and out of the way part of Nikiti. The Sofronios Basilica is a 1600 year old church that was built in the beginning of the 5th century AD. Excavations and restorations of the ruins happened in the 1980’s. The site is protected by a fence and not always open to the public but you can still get a glimpse.

The greatest interest is the mosaic floor that is still quite in tact. You can easily see the masterful artwork that comes from this early era of Christianity in the Roman Empire. The Basilica ruins will be a delight for any who are interested in archeological history.

Each year in July, Nikiti takes center stage with its yearly Toroneos Swimming Marathon. The competition has been on going for almost 50 years. The participants begin the marathon on the Kassandra peninsula at hotel Palini Beach and swim the 26 kilometers across to Nikiti where the winner is crowned. The event takes over 6 hours to complete.

Nikiti comes alive on this day as crowds of observers wait on the Nikiti beach to greet the athletes. Normally the swimming marathon is scheduled for the last Saturday in July but this is not a hard and fast rule. The Toroneos Swim Marathon is one of the most recognized swimming events in Greece.

Seaside restaurant Nikiti

What to do in Nikiti

Most activities in Nikiti tend to focus around the beach but not to be forgotten is the old town of Nikiti. Lets see what else Nikiti has to offer.

Nonchalant Nikiti

The long sandy stretch of beach in Nikiti is where most visitors spend their relaxing hours. Other than the promenade with its restaurants and beach bars, the Nikiti beach is not very organized with sun beds and umbrellas. There are open areas where families lie on their beach towels and enjoy the sand and swimming in the shallow water.

The view of the water is nothing less than spectacular with different shades of blue and green that is sure to dazzle the eyes. Since you are on the west coast, the sunsets are almost always eventful. Here the beach gets busier as the sun goes down and the locals come out to enjoy a swim in the warm and calm waters.

Sunset at Nikiti beach

Neat Nikiti

With diving on the up and up in Greece, the opportunities of diving in Nikiti are becoming more and more available and affordable for tourists. The last few years has seen new diving centers open in Nikiti to the benefit of the tourists since it brings prices down. Great diving sites are close by such as Castri beach with its ruins from ancient Galipsos. Kalogria beach is the favorite bay for newbies to diving, with a bay like this who wants a swimming pool?

Try diving at Kalogria beach

The old town of Nikiti is up the mountain from the traffic lights. Most of the locals live in this part of town where you can find the historic center. On Friday mornings you can hit the traditional market that sells local arts and crafts as well as the famous Nikiti honey.

Old part of Nikiti

Nikiti at night

At night the action continues to happen around the beach promenade. Evening with its vivid sunsets attracts couples to the beachfront restaurants and tavernas looking for a romantic sunset dinner. As the night moves along the restaurants tend to fill up and remain festive until late.

While most activities center on the beach, most tourists are unaware of what’s happening a few kilometers away in the old town of Nikiti. The last couple years has seen some trendy restaurants and bars open up as they take advantage of the old Macedonian architecture by converting them into modish hang-outs that come alive in the evening.

Around Nikiti

Nikiti is an ideal town to have access to both sides of the peninsula. Just a few minutes drive and you are in Ormos Panagias where you can take a Mount Athos cruise. You have some fabulous ‘Blue Flag’ beaches such as Livrohio and you are just a hop away to Vourvourou where you can rent a boat and explore Diaporos.

Agios Ioannis beach, Nikiti

Some of the most picturesque sand beaches in Sithonia are just south of Nikiti. Five minutes by car will bring you to the spectacular Agios Ioannis. A few more kilometers and you arrive at Koviou beach, then Kalogria and Spathies – each unique and remarkable beaches in their own way.

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