Neos Marmaras Halkidiki Travel Guide

Neos Marmaras is Sithonia’s largest village with about 3000 inhabitants but summer can make it swell to 20,000 as tourists fill the apartments and hotels. Welcome to the “New” Marmara, the cosmopolitan center of Sithonia!

Why go to Neos Marmaras?

If you could be living on a perfect sandy Aegean beach, this question may have merit but the arguments to stay in Neos Marmaras are as big as the town itself…

Parthenonas is an abandoned ghost town that has started to see a revival in the last years. This now quaint historical village is located 6 km up the mountain from Neos Marmaras. There is archeological evidence that Parthenonas was settled as far back as the 10 century BC!

This slow-going village has some charming little hotels that are restored in the old Macedonian style. There are several tavernas that will give you a panoramic view towards Kassandra and Kelyfos Island and the evenings will reward you with masterful sunsets over Mount Olympus, Greece’s highest mountain. Parthenonas is also a good starting point for mountain biking or hiking in the Sithonia mountains.

Food is one of the great pleasures in life. The Greeks combined this pleasure with good friends and the taverna was born. There is no doubt that Neos Marmaras has the greatest concentration of tavernas in one spot in Sithonia. Besides the traditional “Psistaria” where you will get your mouthwatering souvlaki and gyros, you will also find many restaurants that are upscale establishments through out Neos Marmaras.

The Psarotaverna or fish taverna is one of the favorites here since you are, of course, by the sea. At the marina you can find a sweet little spot with a few seafood tavernas offering gourmet dishes. Another popular collection of tavernas is on Paradisos beach, here again you can get a mix of restaurants ranging from fine dining to casual and they all come with a sunset as an appetizer.

Greece may not be known for its wine production but history shows us that Greeks have been producing the nectar of the God’s for at least 5000 years. We are happy to inform you that all this time and effort is finally starting to pay off. While tourists flock to Halkidiki for the beach, good wine seems to escape from right out under their noses.

Domaine Porto Carras, just outside Neos Marmaras, has been applying French wine production technology for over 50 years. As the largest winery in Greece and one of the largest in Europe, its sprawling vineyards on the slopes of Mount Meliton are a sight for sore eyes. So why not add some spice to the blues and greens of Sithonia and give it a splash of red! These award winning wines are sure to round out your palette or should I say palate.

Seafood taverna in Neos Marmaras marina

What to do in Neos Marmaras

The reason people come to Sithonia is to mollify the nerves but as the saying goes… “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, can also apply to getting too much rest. Let’s show you how Neos Marmaras can be the salt on your salad…

Take a breather in Neos Marmaras

Unfortunately Neos Marmaras is often avoided by tourists who come to Sithonia. Their usual approach is to find quiet accommodation by the beach, but just to set the record straight, Neos Marmaras should not be quickly written off as a home base. Even though it is a city, there’s lots of opportunity for tranquility all around Neos Marmaras.

Isolated beach south of Neos Marmaras

In the area of Neos Marmaras there are no fewer that 4 amazing and well organized “Blue Flag” beaches. Some of them are even reachable by foot. If you are looking for raw and undeveloped most of these beaches do have free zones. South of Neos Marmaras, just past the Porto Carras resort, is a vast territory with some of the most isolated beaches in Sithonia. You don’t need to go far outside of Neos Marmaras to find that isolation that you came to Sithonia for.

Neos Marmaras on the move

As the heart of Sithonia, Neos Marmaras has plenty to do so it’s no challenge to liven up your vacation. The center is crammed with restaurants, pizzerias, cafes and bars, and some of the best seafood tavernas in Sithonia. Shopping is without question the best in Sithonia – whether it’s souvenirs you are looking for or olive oil products and spices, you can find it. Neos Marmaras also has what seems to be endless varieties of shops that sell leather goods and furs.

Exploring the immediate area can also reveal some delights. The Porto Carras winery offers wine tasting. Greece’s most famous 18-hole golf course is just minutes away. At the Porto Carras marina you can charter a luxury yacht or take a scuba diving lesson. If you are getting tired of all these active possibilities, why not take the children and sit a bit as you ride the Neos Marmaras tourist train. We can guarantee you that Neos Marmaras has the ability to keep you on the move.

Sunset at Paradisos beach, Neos Marmaras

Neos Marmaras at night

Night time is the reason you want to be in Neos Marmaras and it is the best reason to make it your home base. The town comes alive with endless options of restaurants and tavernas. Treat that special someone to a gourmet seafood dinner just meters from the water of the marina. If it’s the sunset you are after then shift over to Paradisos beach on the north side of town and the romance is waiting for you there.

Evening draws the people out to the many bars set up along the waterfront. The delightful ambiance is perfect for enjoying a candlelight drink accompanied by the twinkling lights of Neos Marmaras and Kassandra like a thousand stars over the rippling water. Because you live here there’s no rush, the night is still young, just one more dance and a leisurely walk to the room where you will fall right into your comfortable bed.

Porto Carras vineyards

Around Neos Marmaras

With everything we have just touched on in Neos Marmaras you’re probably thinking that we have filled up your days. Well just in case you need to fill a few more, here we go… As already mentioned, Parthenonas can be a great day-trip or even just to go for the view. Stiladario beach has no crowds and a retro-latino beach bar that is sure to evoke nostalgia. Cycle the vineyards of Porto Carras and find some alone time on the hidden beaches. If you want to kick things into high gear, get your fix of sports and water-sport activities by driving north of Neos Marmaras to the “Blue Flag” Lagomandra beach.

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