Best of Toroni, Halkidiki


Toroni is Sithonia’s frontier resort town that prides itself as one of those ‘under your hat’ destinations. Against a backdrop of ancient Byzantine ruins Toroni’s serene harbour is one of Sithonia’s most intriguing snorkel and dive destinations.

Top 5 things to do in Toroni

  • Snorkel the underwater ruins of the ancient harbour
  • Sprawl out on the beach that never fills up
  • Wander the ruins of the ancient Byzantine fortress
  • Bask in the sun on some splendid neighbour beaches
  • Try some of Sithonia’s best seafood in nearby Porto Koufo

Places to stay

Studios Halkias – Toroni

Georgiadis Suites & Studios – Toroni

Ktima Mploska Apartments & Studios – Toroni

Hotel Lainis Studios – Toroni


Toroni beach

Tristinika beach

Destenika beach

Sighseeing & Activities

Toroni’s ancient Basilica

Lekythos Castle – Toroni

Hike Toroni – Destenika – Paradise Beach

Toroni hike to hidden beach