Best of Sarti, Halkidiki


Sarti in two words? “The beach!”. This “Blue Flag” wonder offers almost 3 km of endless sun, sand and surf. Yes you heard us right, on a good day you can get some…surf! As a matter of fact some of Halkidiki’s biggest waves are in Sarti so get out your bodyboard, sport some fins and let’s see you do some sponging!

Top 5 things to do in Sarti

  • #1 is quite logical - the Sarti beach!
  • Enjoy the closest view of Mount Athos - you can almost touch it!
  • Laze on some awesome nearby beaches - like Orange beach
  • Lively evening shopping in the center
  • Romantic seaside dinner along the promenade

Places to stay

Hotel Barracuda – Sarti

Apartments Athina Dimitris Sofia – Sarti Platania

Haus Galini – Sarti

Ta Vrahakia Apartments – Sarti


Orange beach (Kavourotripes)

Sarti beach

Armenistis beach

Goa beach (Tranos Agios Nikolaos)

Sighseeing & Activities