Best of Pyrgadikia, Halkidiki


Pyrgadikia is really the backwater of Sithonia. Nobody has reason to come here unless with a purpose. If you’re looking for a little inaction Pyrgadikia is that hush-hush Greek village that will not disappoint.

Top 5 things to do in Pyrgadikia

  • The #1 thing to do is… nothing! Isn’t that why you came to Pyrgadikia?
  • Do a beach crawl to some of Sithonia’s frontier beaches
  • Hang around the waterfront at some nifty restaurants and cafes
  • Take a day trip to Ouranopoli the gateway to Athos
  • Do our recommended Aristotle Tour

Places to stay

Assa Inn – Pyrgadikia


Sighseeing & Activities