Best of Porto Koufo, Halkidiki

Porto Koufo

Porto Koufo has claim to being Greece’s largest natural harbour. Everything here focuses on the sea… from tasting its amazing seafood, to catching it yourself, from maneuvering a small motor boat to navigating a sea worthy yacht - this Poseidon adventure is sure to have a happy ending!

Top 5 things to do in Porto Koufo

  • Grab a bite at some of Sithonia’s best seafood tavernas
  • Rent a boat and cast off to some of Sithonia’s secret beaches
  • Try you hand at big-game fishing with the annual Tuna Festival
  • Charter a yacht around Halkidiki or to other exotic Greek islands
  • Rent a mountain bike to explore Sithonia’s wild southern tip

Places to stay

Porto Koufo Hotel


Aiolis Studios – Porto Koufo


Porto Koufo beach

Palataki beach

Marathias beach

Lemos beach

Sighseeing & Activities

Bike tour around Porto Koufo and Sykia

Hike to the southern tip of Sithonia

Hike from Porto Koufo to Kapros