All Boating in Pyrgadikia

In Halkidiki boats and boat rentals are a popular pastime. You are bound to be on a motorboat, speedboat, a sailboat or yacht or even an Athos cruise when vacationing in Halkidiki, after all Halkidiki is surrounded by the sea.

Vourvourou is a boat lovers paradise. The calm waters around the islands create the perfect environment for renting a boat and becoming your own captain. Porto Koufo has similar opportunities where you can rent a small boat and spend a day exploring secret beaches that otherwise are not reachable. The best thing is you don’t need a license.

Sail boats and yachts are also popular. You can charter a yacht to navigate by yourself or a captain who will sail with you to outlying Greek islands on 3 day up to 1 week sailing tours, while you live on board. A yacht can even be chartered for just a day where you can sip champagne with 10 friends and experience how the ‘well to do’ spend their days in Halkidiki. Such boating adventures are probably more affordable than you ever imagined!

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