All Apartments in Pyrgadikia

Apartments have always been the essential category of accommodation in Sithonia. For years these self-catered apartments or studios have enabled Sithonia to remain the hidden secret that it is like the Greece of 30 years ago.

The standard apartment hotel usually is a small family run business that offers either a studio suite or an apartment with a bedroom, kitchen and a terrace. They are usually small businesses with perhaps 5-10 units and located in a garden setting.

In the last few years we have seen an increase of luxury apartments being built in Sithonia that are raising the overall standard. Be aware that some older apartments can be very basic and sometimes do not provide towels so before booking be sure to inquire about what is included.

  • Assa Inn – Pyrgadikia

    Price from: ??
    • Sea view
    • Large studios
    • Breakfast

    Assa Inn in Pyrgadikia, Halkidiki is a small family run resort that features a spectacular view to Pyrgadikia across the bay. You will enjoy many hours in the swimming pool with the vivid sunrises over Mount Athos on your balcony with its panoramic view.   You can swim below the Read more [...]