All Beaches in Porto Koufo

Halkidiki beaches are the best beaches in Greece, but Sithonia wins the prize for the top beaches in Halkidiki. With about 100 beaches and most of them having perfect white sand, Sithonia is a beach lovers paradise that is just starting to be discovered. If you need help to choose, take a look at our 10 best beaches in Sithonia page.

Of all the beaches included on there are 16 spectacular Blue Flag beaches. Many other strikingly beautiful beaches have minimal organization and appeal to those in search of natural beach beauty. Some Sithonia beaches have very shallow water like a large children’s pool and ideal playgrounds for families while other beaches drop off just a few meters from the shore and are ideal for swimming, diving and other watersports. Many east coast beaches of Sithonia award you with a view of the impressive Mount Athos where as the west coast beaches will soothe you with their richly warm evening sunsets.

Sithonia has a beach for everyone, you might even be a lonely soul on one of Sithonia’s isolated and difficult to get to beaches! Yes, if you could do a beach a day, you will need to come to Sithonia for the whole summer! So, let’s start planning…

  • Porto Koufo beach

    • Beach bar
    • Food
    • Sun beds
    • Water sports
    • Snorkeling
    • Toilets

    Porto Koufo beach is located in an almost enclosed bay that makes one of the largest natural harbours in Greece. From the beach you get the impression that you are on a large mountain lake and not at all on the sea. The beach is a narrow ribbon of sand Read more [...]

  • Palataki beach

    • Undeveloped
    • Snorkeling

    Palataki beach is a very isolated beach on Sithonia’s southern tip south of Porto Koufo. You cannot arrive at this part with a car unless you have a 4×4, or a mountain bike so chances are you will not cross another soul on Palataki. There is no development on Palataki, Read more [...]

  • Marathias beach

    • Undeveloped
    • Snorkeling

    Marathias beach is a small beach in the southern tip of Sithonia by Porto Koufo. The beach itself is not a great beach that you would go out of your way for and is mainly used by locals who live the summer in the small community next to the beach. Read more [...]

  • Lemos beach

    • Undeveloped
    • Snorkeling

    Lemos beach represents the southern most point of Sithonia. This cape gives you a spectacular view south and on a clear day you may see the Sporades Islands to the south. To get here, you either walk a difficult road, take mountain or motor bikes or perhaps a 4×4 can Read more [...]