All Apartments in Porto Koufo

Of all the accommodation in Porto Koufo, probably half are apartments and studios. The standard of rooms are mid-class and the price also conforms to this so all in all Porto Koufo doesn’t have either budget studios or luxury accommodation.

The apartments closer to the pier offer, a wonderful view over the water and the yachts that are moored in the port. The other apartments on the south end of Porto Koufo are against the mountain and offer a mountain or garden view. Where ever you live you will have close access to the beach and to restaurants.

All apartments and studios in Porto Koufo are clean and of a good standard so you don’t have to worry about the risk of getting a run down apartment. Look below for our Porto Koufo apartment recommendations.

  • Aiolis Studios – Porto Koufo

    Price from: 55 Euros
    • Great view
    • Classy rooms
    • Pet friendly

    Aiolis Studios is located at the center of Porto Koufo‘s harbor. Built on the highest spot of the bay, overlooking the sea, it offers a breathtaking view of the port and the mountain around it. The bay looks like a lake with a small opening to the sea that is Read more [...]