All Villas in Nikiti

Villas in Nikiti are starting to come on the market for rent. Nikiti is a place where many Greeks have built or bought a villa or house and out of necessity they are now turning them into a profit.

The options for villas in Nikiti are diverse. Here you can find luxury villas that accommodate up to 10 persons where you can have your own private party. Nikiti also has budget villas for rent, if you are a few couples, such an option can be cheaper than renting separate studios and you got the whole house to yourself.

When it comes to villas, Nikiti has a great future ahead. If you are looking to rent an affordable villa, this is a place we can definitely recommend. Look below for our Nikiti villa options.

  • Molino Luxury Maisonettes – Nikiti

    Price from: ??
    • Luxury rooms
    • Large sea view terrace
    • 3 bedrooms

    Molino Luxury Maisonettes are newly built, modern vacation homes located just 90 meters from the beach in Nikiti, Halkidiki.   The Maisonettes are located close to the marina and center of Nikiti. Restaurants and shopping are easily accessible.

  • Paolo House – Nikiti

    Price from: 65 Euros
    • 3 bedroom house
    • Close to beach
    • Great value

    Paolo House is a 3 level maisonette villa just 40 meters from the beach in Nikiti, Halkidiki. Located in a quiet part of the Nikiti beach. Here you will also enjoy some amazingly beautiful sunsets from this western coastline of Sithonia. Paolo House has a garden and there is a Read more [...]

  • Villa Koviou – Nikiti

    Price from: 600 Euros
    • Private villa
    • Sea view
    • Secluded garden

    The seaside Villa Koviou is located on a very private property overlooking the wonderful Koviou bay five minutes from Nikiti, Halkidiki. The villa is artistically constructed of stone and wood. It is situated in a large secluded garden that offers a sensational view west to the Toroneos Gulf and a Read more [...]

  • Amantes Villas and Suites – Nikiti

    Price from: ??
    • Luxury rooms
    • Breakfast
    • Private pools

    Amantes Complex is located 4 km before Nikiti at the beginning of the Sithonia peninsula in Halkidiki. Next to a golden sandy beach surrounded by pine and olive trees and crystal clear blue waters, the villas and suites offer breathtaking views.   Close by in Nikiti are supermarkets, restaurants and Read more [...]

  • Danai Beach Resort – Nikiti

    Price from: ??
    • Luxury rooms
    • Swimming pool
    • Spa center

    The Danai Beach Resort is considered one of Europe’s top luxury resorts and without equal in Halkidiki. All the extras that push this resort beyond the competition such as entertaining the guests with a pianist on the terrace, gourmet meals prepared by a French chef, or even your own private Read more [...]