All Villas in Vourvourou

All Villas in Vourvourou

Villas in Vourvourou have taken the spotlight in Halkidiki. Vourvourou has always been the most expensive Sithonia destination due to Diaporos so it made sense for this is the perfect location to build luxury villas.

In Vourvourou you can find everything from a small villa suitable for a family or villas that can sleep a group of 20, is fully catered and comes with a conference room.

At the moment Vourvourou is definitely the best developed location for villas in Sithonia and probably in all of Halkidiki. Look below for some of our recommendations for villas in Sithonia.

Seaview Villas – Vourvourou

Zinozis Beach Apartments – Vourvourou

Tiamo Secrets – Palm Garden

Tiamo Secrets – Beach Front

Tiamo Secrets – River Beach