All Villas in Toroni

All Villas in Toroni

Villas in Toroni were not popular until recently but like with the rest of Sithonia, Toroni is starting to catch up with the craze. Toroni does have villas and whole houses that can be rented, some for a reasonable price and others for those who can afford more.

In Toroni there are budget villas that can accommodate a large family or a group of friends and won’t cost you more than an apartment. Recently some small villas in the mid-class range have been put on the market, they offer good comfort for an affordable price. A few luxury villas have also been built in Toroni in the last year.

While villas in Toroni are not many at this time, we can expect this market to grow in the future. Look at our options for Toroni villas below.

Villa Maria – Toroni

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