All To See in Toroni

All To See in Toroni

Sightseeing in Sithonia is not just limited to the beaches. In Sithonia and Halkidiki are several points of interest that may be a fun way to make your Sithonia vacation more educational.

The Toroni castle ruins is Sithonia’s main archeological site with a dramatic setting. The Mount Athos cruise from Ormos Panagias is not to be missed as a day trip. In Nikiti you can see the 1600 year old ruins of the Christian basilica “Sofronios” and then wander the Nikiti old town. Then there is the St. Paul church by Elia beach where tradition says the Apostle Paul stopped for water at the ancient spring. Parthenonas is a historical village with its own museum and the Sykia windmills make for fun photos.

If you have more time, why not try wine tasting and a wine tour at Domaine Porto Carras winery. Take a drive into central Halkidiki to Olynthos – Halkidiki’s most famous archeological site. Kassandra has an Egyptian connection – ruins from the temple of Zeus Ammon and Petralona cave is entertaining for the kids on a hot day. Look below for more details.

Toroni’s ancient Basilica

Lekythos Castle – Toroni