All Hotels in Toroni

All Hotels in Toroni

With Toroni accommodation focused on apartments, hotels are few. This doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. There are some small family hotels but as in other villages in Sithonia many have been forced to put kitchenettes in the rooms to due to the demand.

The beachfront is where most of the hotels in Toroni are found. Close to the Toroni harbor is a large hotel with many rooms and recently a new luxury boutique hotel has been built next door. Out of Toroni a few kilometers, on Tristinika beach, is a large 4-star resort hotel that sells all-inclusive packages.

Even though hotels are not plentiful in Toroni there is a good variety of standard. Look below for hotels in Toroni that we can recommend.

Hotel Lainis Studios – Toroni

ecoSuites & Villas – Tristinika beach