All Hotels in Neos Marmaras

All Hotels in Neos Marmaras

The options for hotels in Neos Marmaras are endless. From small family hotels that give you a basic room all the way up to 5-star super resorts that come with all the bells and whistles.

Starting with Lagomandra beach just north of Neos Marmaras you will find luxury hotels that create their own little beach paradise with inclusive meal plans. In Neos Marmaras most hotels are of the 1 to 2-star variety, but since you are in town you don’t need more. Paradisos beach also has a decent hotel choice. The Porto Carras 5-star resort will reward you with 9 km of private beaches and one of the most renowned golf courses in Greece.

If you want to be in the mountains with a view to Mount Olympus, than the small traditional Macedonian style hotels in Parthenonas will satisfy your need for a romantic escape. What every your needs are in a hotel, you will find it in Neos Marmaras. Look below for our Neos Marmaras hotel recommendations.

Kelyfos Hotel – Neos Marmaras


Sunset Hotel – Neos Marmaras Paradisos

Porto Carras Meliton – Neos Marmaras