All Hotels in Gerakini, Psakoudia

All Hotels in Gerakini, Psakoudia

Gerakini and Psakoudia are neighbor villages that have many hotels to choose from. Of the two villages, Gerakini has the larger and more luxurious hotels that have recently been rated as some of the best in Europe.

In Gerakini much attention is given to the new 5-star all-inclusive resort hotel that provides you with everything so there’s no need to even leave the property. There are many medium sized hotels that cater to families and have a swimming pool and meal options. Other hotels offer a villa style concept where you live in your own private house.

Hotels in Psakoudia are not so plentiful as in Gerakini but there are some medium sized hotels with a 3-star standard. For all our hotels in Gerakini and Psakoudia look below.

Akti Liakada Hotel – Gerakini

Trikorfo Beach resort – Gerakini

Ikos Olivia – Gerakini