All History

All History

Halkidiki has a rich history and the Sithonia peninsula has played a large role in Greek history and mythology. Many different groups and nations have also left their mark on Halkidiki. Despite having a predominant Greek history, this region was influenced by the Thracians, the Persians, the Macedonians, the Romans, Byzantium and the Ottoman empire. Christianity has also played an important part.

In Sithonia the only visable ruins left are those of a Byzantine castle in Toroni. Some ruins of ancient Torone can be found on the mountian above the castro. Agios Nikolaos has ruins from an old watchtower at Pirgos and Nikiti is known for its 5th century AD Christian basilica.

Sithonia history has it being filled with many ancient settlements going back thousands of years, nothing has really been excavated so until today it’s considered lost history.

Toroni’s ancient Basilica

Lekythos Castle – Toroni

Ancient Olynthos – Halkidiki

Sofronios Basilica