All To Do

All To Do

What to do in Sithonia. Sithonia is the most fun filled peninsula in Halkidiki. The beaches are the main attraction but after some days or a week of sunning and sleeping you are bound to search for some action. Let us give tell you in a nut shell what you can do when in Sithonia.

Renting a boat to explore isolated beaches or islands is a popular activity – gain your freedom and you don’t even need a license. Bring your bike! You won’t regret the extra hastle, from cycling the Sithonia circuit to mountain-biking in the Sithonia mountains, a bicycle will allow you to go places no one else can. Diving is growing in popularity and is becoming more affordable, just give yourself enough time if you want to get your diving certificate. And Hiking. Hiking trails are abundant and the nature is remarkable, be sure to throw in a pair of trainers in the car.

Besides these activities, there is plenty to see and if Sithonia isn’t big enough for you than you will be overwhelmed with what there is to do in Halkidiki. Just remember, don’t return home more tired than when you came.

Dolphin Diving Center

Bluewater boats

Nikiti Cycling Tour

Cycle around Agios Pavlos springs

Biking up Mount Itamos

Coastal Bike Tour from Neos Marmaras

Bike tour around Porto Koufo and Sykia

Cycle Vourvourou ridges

Bike Tour through Porto Carras Vineyards

Hike from Nikiti to Agios Nikolaos

Hike from Elia beach

Hike from Neos Marmaras to Parthenonas

Porto Carras Coastal Walk

Hike Toroni – Destenika – Paradise Beach

Toroni hike to hidden beach

Hike to the southern tip of Sithonia

Hike from Porto Koufo to Kapros

Hike to Kriaritsi beach

Hike to Sykia ridge