All Camping in Sarti

All Camping in Sarti

Camping in Sarti is a very popular and an affordable way to live. Halkidiki campsites are plentiful but most of the campsites are in Sithonia. Camping on the beach is the best way to get close to the spectacular nature in Sithonia.

Camping in a Sithonia campsite is not just pitching a tent and fighting with the elements. Here you can experience “glamping” – yes, glamorous camping! You can rent a caravan that sleeps 4 or more persons with an outdoor kitchen right on the beach with a view of Mount Athos! Getting this close to the natural beauty is not possible when you live in a hotel.

Free camping is illegal as the many signs forbidding free camping in Sithonia clearly indicate. Even though you may see campers putting up their tents on beaches, such ones risk serious fines or being arrested. Look below for our Sithonia campsite recommendations.

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