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All Bar

Sithonia bars and beach bars go hand in hand with your beach vacation. Most beaches in Sithonia have some sort of beach bar that will provide sun beds and umbrellas along with some type of mood music just to help put you in the vacation spirit.

There are some very popular beach bars that have been around for years and are like a destination in itself such as: Talgo beach bar by Ormos Panagias, Africafe on Platanitsi beach, Goa beach bar south of Sarti, Las Bandidas south of Neos Marmaras and the Ethnik beach bar by Toroni just to name a few. Most of these beach bars exist on lonely beaches and have created their own vibe to suit a particular type of tourist.

Bars are also a popular Greek pastime. In the evenings Greeks love to hang out in outdoor street bars or bars on a beach promenade and sip on a cocktail, a glass of wine or even just a coffee. They can be here until late evening before moving over to a taverna for dinner. Look below for some bars and beach bars in Sithonia.


Las Bandidas Beach Bar