All Apartments in Vourvourou

All Apartments in Vourvourou

Apartments and studios in Vourvourou are plentiful, of a good standard and cater to tourists who are looking for mid to higher end accommodation.

While Vourvourou does offer some cheaper apartments that are of a lower standard, the bulk of the apartments in Vourvourou are newly built, well maintained and cost more than in most villages in Sithonia. Many apartment complexes are located in large gardens where children to play and perhaps even have their own organized beach. Newly built studio apartments are often classified as luxury and include a lot of extras.

Vourvourou is without question the place to come and experience a comfortable Sithonia. Look below for our options of apartments and studios in Vourvourou.

Anna Karra Studios & Apartments – Vourvourou


House Maria Manolaki – Vourvourou

Top Studios – Vourvourou

Maria Village – Vourvourou

4 Elies Apartments – Vourvourou

TatiPlace – Vourvourou

Vrahos House – Vourvourou

Simon King Studios Apartments – Vourvourou

House Grivas – Vourvourou

Zinozis Beach Apartments – Vourvourou

Anna’s Studios – Vourvourou

Aroma Studios and Apartments – Vourvourou

Panorama studios – Vourvourou

Villa Gorgona – Vourvourou

Thalassokipos – Vourvourou

Forty Roses – Vourvourou

Fillis House – Vourvourou