All Apartments in Sarti

All Apartments in Sarti

Apartments and studios are what you can expect when looking for accommodation in Sarti. They are normally classified as budget accommodation and Sarti offers some of the cheapest prices in Halkidiki.

Most apartments in Sarti are small family owned businesses. Each business would generally have between 4 and 10 apartments and studios for rent. Many of them are located directly on the beautiful Sarti beach and offer a spectacular sea view balcony. Be aware that some of these may also be dated and rundown so if you get a fantastic price, remember the phrase… “you do get what you pay for.”

The last years has seen demand for accommodation in Sarti increase as is the case in all of Halkidiki. New apartments are being built that deliver a higher standard. Young hotel owners are now building trendy and luxurious apartments to meet the future demand for this type of accommodation. Look below for our options of apartments and studios in Sarti.

Maria-Dimis House – Sarti


Mare d’oro Studios – Sarti


House Michalis – Sarti

Petrino 2 – Sarti

Haus Galini – Sarti

Stavros Rooms and Apartments – Sarti

Villa Anestis – Sarti

Studios Giota – Sarti

House Elisavet – Sarti

Frau Irenes Haus – Sarti

Epohikon Studios – Sarti

House Zogia – Sarti

House Kostas – Sarti

Hotel Agni – Sarti

Sarti Bay Inn – Sarti

Eolica Rooms – Sarti

Studios Alexandros – Sarti

Villa Irida – Sarti

House Petrino – Sarti

Hotel Barracuda – Sarti