All Apartments in Neos Marmaras

All Apartments in Neos Marmaras

The cosmopolitan center of Neos Marmaras is brimming with apartments and studios for rent. Neos Marmaras is located on several hills like an amphitheater that slopes to the sea. Many of the small family apartments in Neos Marmaras can provide you with a good convenient location to restaurants along with a panoramic view that you will enjoy each evening from your balcony.

Most apartments in Neos Marmaras are basic with a bed, a bathroom and a kitchenette. Some newly built apartments offer a higher standard. There is a great variety of accommodation options here. North of town on Paradisos beach is a small community of apartments that give you close access to Neos Marmaras but in a quieter location right on the beach.

Both to the north and south of Neos Marmaras you can easily find quiet beaches with apartments and studios for rent. Look below for our recommendations of Neos Marmaras apartments and studios.

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