All Apartments in Kalamitsi

All Apartments in Kalamitsi

Apartments and studios in Kalamitsi are your main choice of accommodation. Most apartments are independently owned and operated and can be your best option for getting an affordable room.

The apartments and studios in Kalamitsi are normally basic and usually large enough for a family of 4 persons. All accommodation options are close to the beach, which is just a short walk away. Kalamitsi also has luxury apartments that have recently been built or renovated, some of them will even offer you breakfast on the beach!

Many apartments in Kalamitsi are on the beach and will award you with a fantastic sea view. Look below for all our Kalamitsi apartment and studio recommendations.

Porto Kalamitsi Apartments and Bungalows


Studios Vagelis – Kalamitsi

House Meltemi – Kalamitsi

House Aggeliki – Kalamitsi

House Stella Studios and Apartments – Kalamitsi