All Accommodation in Sarti

All Accommodation in Sarti

Sarti accommodation can basically be summed up as budget accommodation. Sarti has always been the affordable destination in Sithonia, but the last couple of years and high demand is starting to drive up the prices of hotels and apartments and Sarti is becoming more diversified and is starting to offer high-end accommodation.

What to expect from accommodation in Sarti is mainly studios and small family apartments with a kitchenette. Most accommodation options are within walking distance to the beach and the center of town so everything is conveniently located.

There are a few hotels in Sarti and the new player from 2017 are luxury villas. So now you can find luxury accommodation options in Sarti that just a few years ago would have been out of place. Look below for all our accommodation in Sarti.

House Petrino – Sarti

Hotel Barracuda – Sarti

Stelitsa House – Sarti

Apartments Athina Dimitris Sofia – Sarti Platania

Ta Vrahakia Apartments – Sarti

Iliadis House – Sarti

Astra Sarti Luxury Suites

Hotel Asteras – Sarti