All Accommodation in Neos Marmaras

All Accommodation in Neos Marmaras

Accommodation in Neos Marmaras is no doubt some of the most assorted in all of Sithonia. Neos Marmaras is Sithonia’s largest town so the choices of accommodation are greater here than elsewhere and the competition helps to bring the prices lower.

Most Neos Marmaras accommodation consists of apartments and studios. If you live in town you may not have a yard or be right on the beach but you may be awarded with an amazing balcony view over the town and harbor. Finding accommodation in town also gives you easy access to the lively center which you will appreciate in the evenings.

Small family hotels are also plentiful in Neos Marmaras and its surroundings. Here you can find almost any type of hotel to suit your needs such as the massive 5-star all-inclusive resort just outside of Neos Marmaras. Look below for our hotel recommendations in Neos Marmaras.

Kelyfos Hotel – Neos Marmaras


Sunset Hotel – Neos Marmaras Paradisos

Michel Mar Apartments – Neos Marmaras

Paradise Maisonettes – Neos Marmaras

Sirius Apartments – Neos Marmaras

Metaxas Studios – Neos Marmaras

Fantasia Studios & Apartments – Neos Marmaras

Maria’s House – Neos Marmaras Paradisos

Aria’s House – Neos Marmaras

Porto Carras Meliton – Neos Marmaras