Halkidiki – to go or not to go!

Is it safe to go as a tourist to Greece during the crisis?

The mood in Greece the last days to say the least, is very somber. The future for many is uncertain and this uncertainty has carried over to the tourists. Many tourists are waiting to see what will happen before they travel to Halkidiki and many have cancelled their hotels and apartments. Our recommendation is not to wait, GO NOW!!! Read on to find out why…

Normally at this time of year the beaches and beach bars would have twice the tourists! Yes, the business owners are suffering from what they call the “lost season”. July and August are the busiest months. The demand is there so the prices go up and the hotels and restaurants work hard since these two months provide more income for them then the rest of the year, so they cannot afford to lose a season.

The lack of tourists in the high season means that tourists will only benefit. There are accommodation deals to be found, some hotels and apartment owners are giving special offers to draw tourists to Greece. The beaches are empty, more relaxed as you can see in the above photo from the past week … July 8, 2015. The weather is perfect, hot as should be expected. There are no shortages in the shops as has been reported by the media, as a matter of fact the supermarkets are fully stocked! Queues for the ATMs? A few pensioners, but nothing that really is an inconvenience.

There is no danger that if you are German you will be robbed, as some tourists fear. Many of the business owners have lived in Germany, speak German and I guess you can say, are German. Such reports are not giving the real picture. The Greeks will take better care of their tourists now because they need them.

If you have been planning your trip to Sithonia, Halkidiki or even somewhere else in Greece, don’t wait! GO NOW!! For you as a tourist it’s a win-win! As a matter of fact for the tourist, this could be the best year to travel to Greece for all the above reasons.

Just a couple of tips…

Bring cash – this has always been the way to travel in Greece, so no real change here. The Greeks are behind when it comes to credit cards, it has always been a cash economy. And if there is a default, your Euros will have more value.

Negotiate – because of the lack of tourists, this puts you in a position to negotiate the price. You may get a lower price on your room or apartment, even services such as boat rentals may be willing to drop the price just to get your business.

Enjoy – don’t panic! Enjoy your vacation. As I said, this may be the best time to enjoy Greece!

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