Halkidiki Accommodation rises to new heights

Luxury Villas in Halkidiki are the new trend over the last couple of years. The middle and mountainous peninsula Sithonia is the most stunning peninsula in Halkidiki and has always had the potential to attract the high-end customer. The seclusion and beauty are unparalleled, but luxury accommodation and hotels have been far and in between. While there have been some hotels that cater to high-end tourists – such as the Danai Resort, the Porto Carras Resort and now the new Ikos all-inclusive resorts – the Greek crisis is making way for opportunities that were not possible just a few years ago.

6000 islands

Of the 6000 islands that Greece flies its flag over, only 227 are actually inhabited. The recent crisis is helping to create a new type of tourism that is about to turn Greece around, the islands that were once untouchables are now becoming a commodity to be used. So what do you build on prime real estate? What else other than luxury accommodation that will cater to those who can afford to pay. Luxury accommodation and ultra luxury villas are a pretty safe investment especially when it’s located on a picture perfect secluded Greek islet! This virgin territory that many have desired to tap into is now a new reality in Halkidiki.

Luxury villa on Diaporos island

Diaporos, Vourvourou

One such island in Halkdiki is Diaporos in Vourourou, Sithonia. This was one of the untouchables, that until recently was only enjoyed by those who would rent a boat for the day to enjoy one of the Diaporos’ peaceful beaches. From this year Diaporos island will host 3 ultra luxury villas opening up under the name Tiamo Secrets. Besides these 3, they will add an additional 4 villas on the mainland in Vourvourou. Believe me this is one secret anybody will easily fall in love with and here’s why…

“James… bring me a Cosmo!”

Some of the villas are comparable to a 5 star resort! It would be easier to list what’s not provided than to give the endless list of what is included when you rent one of these villas by the week. The largest villa from Tiamo Secrets, called the ‘White House’, could almost fool you for being the real thing! This is no joke, the villa is a fully contained resort that allows you to… dock your yacht at the villa’s marina, swim in your own 95 sqm swimming pool and, rest assured, you’ll easily get lost in one of its 8 bedrooms and 760 sqm of living space. And just as every superyacht comes with an extra boat or two just in case you need an escape, well, guess what Tiamo Secrets has added to this super-villa? You guessed it – another villa! A beachfront studio villa with an outdoor jacuzzi, just in case you need an escape from your friends and have some quiet time. This monumental residence is specially designed for weddings and conferences, as it can accommodate a party of up to 18 persons.

Butler service, Diaporos luxury villa

So… what about James? Yes, the butler is included in the price, just so you don’t have to spoil your vacation by getting up to make your own cocktail. For an extra fee you can even hire a chef or keep yourself in shape with a personal trainer or masseuse. If all this is just too much, Tiamo Secrets offers you a scaled down version, minus the butler but still with the same high-end standard. Tiamo has hit the nail on the head, filling a desperate need for luxury accommodation on the Greek mainland and Halkidiki.

Luxury island villas are just an example of what is new to Halkidiki this year. As the Greek tourism industry heats up, the next years ahead are going to be interesting times. Halkidiki is moving beyond the small family apart/hotel that caters to those who drive down from Europe in the summer to the more commercialized all-inclusive resorts and luxury market that will have tourists flying in from the far corners of the earth. This hidden secret is about to get out!

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