Learn to dive in Sithonia

6 reasons to scuba dive in Sithonia

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Learn to dive while on vacation in Sithonia! 5 years ago you could count all the Sithonia diving centers on one hand. Today there are new dive centers popping up each year. The crystal clear water of the Aegean makes Sithonia one of the easiest and most rewarding places for you to learn how to dive and get your PADI! …

Snorkeling in Toroni

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Discover the underwater world of Toroni Snorkeling in Toroni, Halkidiki, is an awesome experience! The waters are crystal clear, you will see all kinds of fish as well as underwater ruins from the ancient Toroni harbour.

Boat in Vourvourou

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Vourvourou, Halkidiki is Sithonia’s water playground! Rent a boat for a day to enjoy the Island – Diaporos and its many isolated beaches. Swim the Blue Lagoon, one of Vourvourou’s favorite destinations.