Diaporos Regatta 2014 – Ormos Panagias, Halkidiki

The Diaporos Regatta of 2014 is the third annual regatta to be held on the beautiful Sithonia peninsula. It will bring much excitement to Vourvourou and Ormos Panagias in Halkidiki.

The first series of race events take place on the last weekend of August from Friday, August 29 – Sunday, August 31 and feature different races from windsurfing to canoes.

The large craft series will begin on the first weekend of September from Friday, September 5 – Sunday, September 7, 2014.

The race will consist of larger sailboats that will sail to Pyrgadikia and back. For this race, sailboats have entered from Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, and as far away as Canada and New Zealand! A total of 23 participants have entered for the race which will make it an exciting competition.

The events…

Friday September 5, 2014
The events begin on Friday September 5 with the participants learning the route and understanding the regulations.

Saturday September 6, 2014
The first sailing event will begin on Saturday 6. The boats with the best times will be enrolled to compete on Sunday for the next level of competition and the grand finale.

Sunday September 7, 2014
On Sunday 7 the events begin at 12:00 noon and will finish around 15:00 depending on the winds. The weather is already changing and the weather should be perfect for an exciting 3rd competition of sailing.

After the competition there will be a large victory celebration in Ormos Panagias where the winner will be rewarded his prize and the town will come alive in celebration!

Come and support this unique event that is sure to become a regular annual attraction. SithoniaGreece.com will be there to catch the action and report on the days events.

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