All Hotels in Vourvourou

Vourvourou hotels are not so common but they do exist. The most popular form of accommodation in Vourvourou are apartments and studios, but Vourvourou does have some small family run hotels that have been here for many years.

The type of hotels in Vourvourou offer a basic room. Some hotels also have a restaurant and possibly a swimming pool.

There is also a 5-star luxury boutique resort that has an excellent reputation as one of the best resorts in Halkidiki. Look at our selection of Vourvourou hotels below.

  • Vergos Hotel – Vourvourou

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    • Swimming pool
    • Pizzeria
    • Private beach

    Vergos Hotel is a hotel that also has studio and apartment options in the center of Vourvourou, Halkidiki. Enjoy the private organized beach at Vergos or take a short walk to the popular Karidi beach.