All Hiking in Nikiti

Hiking in Halkidiki can be a wonderful experience. Central Halkidiki is very mountainous with nature reserves that attract nature lovers at all times of year. Mountainous Sithonia allows tourists to walk its trails and then be on the beach in the afternoon. And the Athos peninsula has several accessible trails around Ouranoupoli.

For walking trails in Sithonia we have included the details and a link to the “Halkidiki Walking” guide. These 10 hiking tours will show lead you to some of Sithonia’s beauty but it is only a sample of the hiking that you can expect from Sithonia. Whether you are hiking a dirt trail to a secret beach, or pushing your limits to climb Mount Itamos, the beauty of Sithonia will never cease to amaze. Why not try some of our Sithonia hiking recommendations.

  • Hike from Elia beach

    Elia Beach – Agios Pavlos – Petros rock – Elia Walking time: 5 hours Elevation: 298 m This hike is quite an easy route which gives you a beautiful view over the bay. Heading east you first reach the church of St. Paul where legend has it he passed through read more