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Sithonia – undisturbed natural beauty in Greece

Halkidiki is a wonderfully fabulous place to take a Greek beach vacation.  The region is very diverse and offers something for everybody to enjoy.  Most people end up going to Kassandra, the neighbour of Sithonia, just because the larger hotels and resorts in Kassandra are able to afford more advertisement. Sithonia being much less developed with mainly smaller family run hotels and apartments keeps a low key. This is ideal for the traveller who is looking for a quiet holiday in a place that has preserved its natural beauty, something that many popular Greek destinations have already lost. Ask anybody who has come to this middle peninsula and they will tell you that Sithonia offers the best of Halkidiki.

The peninsula starts in the north with the town of Nikiti.  We will also include a few of the villages and beaches located on the shoreline north of Nikiti as they are an extension of the Sithonia peninsula. Want to find out how to get to Sithonia? Here you will find information on how to get to Sithonia by flight and bus.

The main towns of Sithonia are as follows: Nikiti, Neos Marmaras, Toroni, Sykia, Sarti, Vourvourou, Agios Nikolaos.  In between you can find some smaller villages and resort towns such as Metamorfosi, Porto Koufo, Kalamitsi, and Ormos Panagias. We will give attention to all these villages and show you what there is of interest.

Sithonia Greece

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