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Sithonia beach

Beaches in Nikiti, Halkidiki

The beaches in Sithonia are really incomparable. Here you can find some of the best beaches in Greece, which are some of the top beaches in the world.

Characterized by fine white sand, and crystal clear turquoise waters, any beach on the peninsula will be a magical experience. Just be aware of the intensity of the sun and the possibility of sea urchins, which could ruin your vacation.
There is something here for everybody. If you want seclusion, the months of June and September bring few tourists, so most beaches in Sithonia are empty. Even in the busier months you can still find an isolated cove.

If you are a camper, Sithonia has some of the best organized campsites in Greece. To enter these beaches, they will ask you to leave your passport. This is so campers don’t just come to set up a tent. They will charge you if you stay the night. Other areas allow you to pitch your tent under the pine trees, on a rock or even on a small beach to claim it as your own.
Even if you stay in a hotel or apartment in Sithonia – most of them would have a beach right by, there’s a beach around every corner.

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Sithonia Greece

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