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Villas in Sithonia are becoming a popular accommodation option. Many Greeks have had their own family villa for years and are starting to view this as a source of income.

The new player in the last few years has been the luxury villas category that targets mainly to well to do Russians who are willing to pay for it. Vourvourou has become the villa hotspot at the moment with much investment on Diaporos Island where newly built villas put you in your own private resort. This class of villa is being built throughout Sithonia and villages such as Sarti, long known for its budget accommodation, is now about to enter the market with villas in the luxury category.

  • Xalonia Villas – Agios Nikolaos

    Price from: ??
    • Handicap friendly
    • Private villa
    • Pool

    Xalonia Villas are new villas just a short distance from the beach in Agios Nikolaos, Halkidiki. If you are traveling as a group the villas will offer luxury accommodation with everything needed. The villas have a panorama view towards Mount Athos from its high vantage point. The villa is located Read more [...]

  • Katerina House – Ormos Panagias

    Price from: 60 Euros
    • Private villa
    • Pets allowed
    • Reasonable price

    Katerina House is a traditional private villa just a few minutes walk from one of Sithonia’s best beaches – Livrohio beach in Ormos Panagias, Halkidiki. Relax in a private garden in this quiet part of Sithonia that is close to the village of Agios Nikolaos. The villa is located in Read more [...]