Orange beach

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Orange beach – one of the top 10 beaches in Sithonia Orange Beach (or Portokali beach, Kavourotripes) is probably the most searched for beach in Sithonia on Google. Why is it so popular? Kavourotripes means crab holes. This clearly describes Orange beach, many small coves that are stringed like a pearl necklace along the coastline. The sand is soft white …


Karidi beach

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Karidi – one of the top 10 beaches in Sithonia Karidi beach is the magnet in Vourvourou that attracts beach lovers from all over. The beach is easily accessible and especially appreciated by families due to the shallow clear waters that make this one of Sithonia’s best swimming holes. For this reason and its popularity, we include Karidi beach in …

Kalamitsi beach

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Kalamitsi – one of the top 10 beaches in Sithonia The idyllic look of Kalamitsi beach makes it easy to see why it’s among the top 10 beaches of Sithonia, Halkidiki. The beach is perfect for families who are looking for shallow water where the children can play, but not too shallow so you can still easily take a swim. …


Agios Ioannis beach

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Agios Ioannis – one of the top 10 beaches in Sithonia Just driving by from the south gives you a spectacular view of this long sandy strip and you just need to stop to have a dip. Facing south, the beach gets brilliant sun from morning to evening. This sandy beach has beach bars and is organized in the summer …